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Work should be fun.

Something that makes you get up in the morning.

A chance to try something new, explore new ground or bend the rules - just like when we were kids.

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  • Benn Davis

    Managing Director
    Manages multi-level client interactions, developing & implementing new business strategies for both our clients and the team.

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  • Tom Gozna

    Operations Director
    Been here since day one, still trying to play football & get away with playing golf too, loves spending time with family, Guinness & quite interested in marketing…

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  • Nick Masson

    Sales Director
    A bit of a sports nut with a passion for family friends and badminton. Enjoy working with such a professional team at Bigwave!

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  • Simon Beer

    Digital Director
    Tall chap from Torquay. Loves a gadget, Google fanboy. Likes tech, food, son's toys and a good cuppa. #lanky

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  • Lee Potter

    Creative Director
    A creative from Exeter who's absolutely nuts about tech & gadgets. Family focused & sees the world through a glass that's half full.

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  • Ronnie Halden

    Creative and marketing services
    A creative marketeer with a pocketful of ideas winding his way through life’s rich tapestry. A true blue Chelsea supporter.

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  • Rebecca Cooper

    Senior Account Manager @bigwavemedia, still awaiting letter from Hogwarts. Avid traveller, cheese joke enthusiast and Wagamama guzzler. 

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  • Laurence Hawkins

    Account Manager
    Country Boi and dangerous playa – Account Manager @LarryBigwave, Interests include Blacksmithing, Newcastle Utd, Breaking Bad & Heavy Metal.

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  • Chris Fiddimore

    Senior Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer/Gin Enthusiast. Originally from London, now in Exeter. A fan of collecting vinyl, DJing & snowboarding. Hates bananas.

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  • Dan Tofield

    Head of Creative Services
    Vertically challenged, old cat man. Music. Fitness. Travel. Animals. Adrenaline.

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  • Nigel Norton

    Graphic designer
    Born and always lived in Exeter. Designer. Likes food, eating out, holidays, rugby, football and family time. Running and gym to keep fit.

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  • Wayne Morrish

    Graphic Designer
    Cardiff Met grad from Exeter, Devon. Graphic Designer @bigwavemedia. Likes Arsenal, music, design, festivals, beer, food, gym, cars and sport.

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  • Tudor Rusmanica

    SEO Manager
    Loving life from the monitor to the outdoors. Cooking, eating, building, thinking  and ready to kill some zombies.

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  • Jade Carter

    Graphic Designer
    Originally from Portland. Likes illustration, calligraphy, cheesy Audrey Hepburn movies and a good old cup of coffee. Wants to travel more and keep creating.

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  • Sarah Brown

    Client Partnership Manager
    Obsessive about shoes and keeping fit. Loves the theatre, F1, spending time with family and friends and my beloved dog.

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  • Theresa England

    Contracts & Partnerships Manager
    Solutions & outcome focussed, leisure & hospitality specialist. Happy places include family, friends, coffee & freewheeling down a hill with a tail wind.

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