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PHSC plc group support

Website management and Search Engine Optimisation support for UK plc group

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Serving a diverse range of business sectors across a number of companies, PHSC plc group contains a range of websites, all of which are maintained by Bigwave media. The digital team provide proactive website maintenance, reliable and secure website hosting, on demand web support and the implementation of strategic search engine optimisation strategies.

"After a comprehensive tender exercise Bigwave media became our chosen partner to support all the companies within the PHSC plc group. We have been working together following a prioritised action plan to address the areas of highest priority, and to further improve standardised branding throughout the subsidiaries within our group. We have supplemented this with targeted and bespoke 1-1 training for key people within each subsidiary so we can effectively work on the simpler aspects of improvements whilst relying on the support of Bigwave media for the more complex improvements.

"This has given us a better level of ownership over our own website development and ability to respond to quick and easy changes as and when needed."

Nicola Coote
Director,  Personnel Health & Safety Consultants Ltd

Find out more about PHSC and the PHSC group of companies.

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