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Do you know the market potential of your key brands?

Knowing the market potential of your key brands and benchmarking that potential against other quality providers is a powerful tool for managers to get the very most from their existing business model.

Using demographic analysis and national benchmarking figures Bigwave media is able to help identify any potential increase in turnover.

In many cases Bigwave media has helped clients to realise several millions of increased turnover with very little or no additional capital investment.

Business Solution is the product and service which continues to support business growth over several industries from Pharmacology, Leisure, Education to commercial enterprises across the UK.

  • Knowing your starting point is key
  • Be clear about your core activities
  • Benchmark your outcomes against similar operators or industries
  • Confirm that you know the financial starting point
  • Use clear business plans to map out the next five and ten years
  • Know what your unique selling point is compared to your competition
  • Identify what your customers are saying about you and your business
  • Based upon any new information set new business goals

Why is a business solution audit so useful?

It’s a first step to confirming the potential identified in the latent demand and benchmarking exercise and uncovers a little more of the operational and contractual reasons why any organisation may not have reached its full potential.

The audit results in a full written report which produces a practical route map to follow by the team to realise the potential identified.

The audits are carried out by professional business growth managers with a proven track record in growing businesses in this way.

The audits generally include an on site element where business managers get to know the team and identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as the processes they are following to deliver the business plan.

The audit identifies the current processes and frameworks that are currently used to deliver the business.

What is a business solution partnership?

Should the team read the written report and feel that there is a need for more support Bigwave media is able to offer a monthly support option where an experienced and dedicated professional works with the existing team to guide and direct them in the implementation of the recommendations outlined in the report.

A full twelve month implementation timetable is laid out at the beginning of the process clearly identifying each key objective to be obtained. Five and ten year business/financial plans are also identified which show on a month-by-month basis the progress needed to be made to hit the financial targets.

Many clients in a Business Solution partnership use this process for informing their budget process. 

The areas covered within the Business Solution partnership include operational processes, organisational structures, finance, price modelling, competitor analysis and strategic direction.

The key to achieving all the above is in the set of key performance indicators that are introduced that measure and monitor the business in all its key aspects.

If you feel your business could benefit from this level of scrutiny and attention then please contact our Director, Nick Masson for an initial chat, or to arrange a meeting.

TEL: 0845 643 2385
EMAIL: [email protected]


  • Business implementation timetable Timetables
  • Work flow programming sheet Work Flows
  • Combined key performance indicator sheet KPI Sheets
  • Business planning sheets Planning sheets
  • Monthly sales platform Sales Platforms
  • Sales activity summary sheet Summary sheets
  • Bigwave process manuals Manuals
  • Marketing planning Planning
  • Business foundation audit Audits
  • Business development strategy Strategy
  • Team presentation Presentations


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