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5 Ways Brands Got Involved With #Glastonburytraffic

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We love examples of agile marketing, where organisations are able to react quickly to capitalise on widely covered social events to gain brand exposure. You can read our recent article about agile marketing here.

With hordes of people making their way up to the hallowed grounds of Glastonbury, and the weather having been rather unkind, there have been queues of traffic and delays to travel of up to 27 hours. Our very own Account Manager Becky is also stuck in the traffic, and has been on the road for over 8 hours after expecting a maximum journey time of just 2 hours!

Thousands of the exhausted festival goers have taken to social media to vent their frustration, resulting in #glastonburytraffic trending higher than the EU Referendum which is taking place tomorrow.


Here are some examples of how companies have capitalised on the unfortunate hashtag: