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#Don'tHackIt & The Great Big Rhino Project

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Celebrating over 90 years of conservation and education at Paignton Zoo, The Great Big Rhino Project will be stampeding through the streets of Exeter and the English Riviera this Summer, from Saturday 30th July to Sunday 9th October. 40 life size mature rhino sculptures and 60 smaller size juvenile rhinos will all be individually painted and placed at locations all over Exeter and the English Riviera. At the end of the project the rhinos will be auctioned off and proceeds will go towards rhino conservation work in the field. The project aims to engage communities with a mass exhibition of public art, whilst raising awareness and funds to help this critically endangered species.

Here at Bigwave Media, we like to do our staff training a little differently. You may remember our last #TeamBigwave teambuilding event, The Bigwave Biscuit Elections. This year, Bigwave Media has teamed up with Paignton Zoo on their Great Big Rhino project, and as part of a Gold Sponsorship we will be sponsoring a life-sized rhino sculpture that will be placed in an as-yet undisclosed location in Exeter. This partnership presented us with a perfect opportunity for some #TeamBigwave staff training collaboration!

Pippa Craddock from Paignton Zoo visited #TeamBigwave to give a talk on Rhinos and their endangered status - we learnt that there are five species of Rhino, all of which are threatened with extinction, three of which are critically endangered - which means that they will not survive without massive and urgent action. The number of Rhinos is rapidly decreasing – there are only 28,000 rhinos left inhabiting the world. This is primarily due to poaching; a Rhino horn is now worth more than gold – and this has dramatically increased demand for the horn.

So with that, #Don’tHackIt was born! Staff were split into teams and assigned Rhino related names (Team Africa, Team Black, Team Floodplains, Team Greater One Horned, Team Javan, Team Sumatran, Team Woolly and Team White) and tasked with creating a proposal for the Bigwave Rhino design. This included an initial design and then the concept behind it. The teams then had two hours to produce the design and concept which would later be followed by a presentation from every group.

The teams scattered - some migrated to the Harlequins Shopping Centre, which housed some of the completed rhinos, for inspiration. Team Africa and Team Woolly stayed at Bigwave HQ and got underway with the task at hand, researching and designing their rhinos. We think you’ll agree, our crash of rhinos is truly something to behold!

Check out all of the #TeamBigwave concepts below:

Team Africa


Team Members: Wayne Morrish, Luke Simpson, Abigail Fox

Rhino Name: Rio

Concept: The main concept behind this Rhino is the Olympics which are taking place in the Summer. The design combines the union jack with the colours of the Brazil flag. This does not only create the connection to the Olympics but also allows us to achieve our brief of creating a bright vibrant design. The gold horn signifies the importance at how a rhino horn is now worth more than gold.

Suggested location: St James Park- Linking to sporting activities

Team Black

Team Members: Aaron Brooks, Max Rogers, Nick Stanbridge

 Rhino Name: Ast-rhi-nout

Concept: This Rhino is a visually striking piece of modern art, taking a Rhino as far from its natural environment in a surrealist fashion. This is a fun design that appeals to people of all ages. The finished design will not include a helmet as this is not feasible. The space suit will end at the Rhino’s neck to show its face in realistic skin tones. Part of creating a ‘character’ Rhino would be to raise retail sales of a reproductions that gives more money to the charity.

Suggested location: Met Office / Exeter University Observatory

Team Floodplains

Team Members: Erika Smith, Nigel Norton, Phil Calvert

 Rhino Name: Tanduk

Concept: This Rhino draws attention to the most endangered rhino species from Java and Sumatra, using visuals of endangered plants & animals from the region that the general public will be able to engage with and relate to including an Orangutan, Sumatran Tiger and the Sunda Clouded Leopard. Using the head of an Orangutan, we're hoping to provide a tactile, interactive experience for children and adults alike. Using organic mohair, we'll give the rhino head a furry texture that will draw people of all ages towards it.

Suggested location: RAMM- Will draw more people to the museum and encourage interaction.

Team Greater One Horned

Team Members: Chris Fiddimore, Daniel Lillie, Dan James

Rhino Name: Handle with Care

Concept: Illustrate the transit of the rhino horn between consumer countries on one side of the rhino, and on the other side have a message of hope for the rhino, to encourage people to donate and contribute to saving their habitat and to curb poaching for their horn. The rhino will have cardboard/packaging material wrapped or drawn/painted all around the rhino, this is subjected to limitations as to what materials we can put on the rhino and what will last whilst it endures weather conditions and joe public.

Suggested location: Outside or Inside the Post Office.

Team Javan