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The Death of Flash

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On 13th July 2015 Facebook's chief security officer Alex Stamos asked for Adobe to give a date when Flash will be killed off. This followed a number of complaints from the security community that the software was vulnerable to hacks. The previous week in a leaked document from a spyware company it was revealed that there was a major vulnerability that has been known about, and presumably used, for years. Steve Jobs wrote that Flash had "one of the worst security records in 2009" in his open letter "Thoughts on Flash" explaining why Apple would not allow Flash on its devices.

Once the mainstay of animated advertising banners and online games, Flash has fallen out of favour due to what seems to be inherent security issues. With Firefox blocking it, YouTube dropping Flash as its default video player and even Adobe have stopped all development of Flash Player since 2011, what can you do about your site.

  1. Use HTML5 options as much as possible?..it even has a nice video player
  2. Ensure your site has been developed using modern, open standards
  3. Uninstall Flash Player to remove any vulnerabilities
  4. Upgrade your browser. Although this isn't so much about removing dependency on Flash, this will ensure that you are able to view sites using modern web standards in the manner they are supposed to be seen - especially if you are using Internet Explorer 8!

If you are unsure that your site is up-to-date with new web standards or perhaps you have some Flash, why not give us a call.

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