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PR Key Calendar Dates June - August 2015

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In order for campaigns to remain current, it can be useful to base ideas around significant events taking place throughout the year. We advise clients to start preparing for campaigns at least 1 month in advance - so we've put together a list of important dates to add to the diary for 2015, to help you stay organised and to ensure that you don't miss out on any opportunities.

Please note: this list is not definitive and will be updated as and when new dates are confirmed.


  • 13th-21st¬†National Bike Week
  • 15th-19th¬†Learning Disability Week
  • 15th-21st¬†National Men's Health Week
  • 21st¬†Summer Solstice (Midsummer's Day)
  • 21st¬†Father's Day

Sporting Events

  • 6th¬†UEFA Champions League Final
  • 6th June¬†- 5th¬†July¬†Women's Football World Cup
  • 12th¬†- 28th¬†European Games
  • 18th¬†- 21st¬†Golf US Open
  • 29th June¬†- 12th¬†July¬†Wimbledon


  • (dates vary)¬†School Summer Holidays
  • 30th¬†International Day of Friendship

Sporting Events

  • 4th-26th¬†Tour de France Cycling
  • 5th¬†British Grand Prix
  • 8th July¬†- 24th¬†August¬†2015 Ashes series
  • 9th-12th¬†U.S. Women's Open
  • 16th-19th¬†Golf British Open
  • 17th July¬†- 2nd¬†August¬†World Swimming Championships


  • 31st¬†Summer Bank Holiday

Sporting Events

  • 25th-30th¬†World Judo Championships
  • 30th¬†August - 6th¬†September¬†World Rowing Championships

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