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The end of Internet Explorer

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At the time of writing this blog post there are only 230 days left until all support for Internet Explorer 8 is officially dropped by Microsoft (and in turn, most web developers). This may not seem significant for the vast majority of internet users, but if you read our recent blog on keeping up with technology, you may have guessed that for us here at Bigwave this is huge (we might even have a little party to celebrate).

The biggest difficulty with website builds is backwards compatibility with old browsers, and the sole cause behind struggles is IE8. Anyone who wants a website build is likely to want the latest technology. This may include animations, canvas, parallax, embedded videos and a responsive design; all of which IE8 struggles with.

It's not Internet Explorer's fault though, IE8 is already over six years old - which in internet terms is now considered ancient - just think of how much technology and the internet has changed over the past couple of years, let alone six! As a way of comparing IE8 to other browsers against performance in terms of rendering elements in HTML5, here is a list of scores for a test which checks compatibility on the most commonly used desktop browsers:

(source: https://html5test.com)

Even web browsers for games consoles like the Xbox blow IE8 clear out of the water. At present, the Internet Explorer brand has such a poor reputation that Microsoft has dropped the name entirely for its next browser, which will be named "Microsoft Edge".

The majority of Internet Explorer users tend to be government organisations or large corporations that have strict controls over access to the internet and so the removal of IE8 support by Microsoft will signal upgrade requirements for these types of organisations.

If you're using IE8 to read this post, now's the time to move away from the browser and towards a better, brighter, more compatible and enjoyable internet.

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