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3 Reasons to use Landing Pages

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We've all experienced landing pages whilst browsing the web - the smart web pages that appear when you click on a search engine optimised link or an online advert that catches your eye. Whether intended to capture visitor data, or to act as an attractive 'front door' before directing users further, they are used frequently by thousands of sites - from eCommerce to B2B. Here are 3 reasons why you should give them a go:

1. Lead generation jackpot

Landing pages are not typically accessible by just stumbling across them. If a user reaches a landing page, they usually would have clicked an advert, followed a QR code or typed in a specific URL to get there. At this point, they are already interested in what you are offering so this gives you an opportunity to promote the salient points, highlight the benefits and provide a strong call to action all in one handy place.

A landing page with a data capture form acts as a collection facility where the user can fill out their name and contact details in order to continue or get more info. Capturing this valuable data and using it for targeted promotions in the future is what makes landing pages indispensable.

Of course, increasing conversion rates is the ultimate aim. Thanks to this data fishing net, online advertising that uses landing pages typically sees a conversion rate increase of at least 25% (Omniture).

2. Paid search benefits

Each time a keyword from your advert matches up with a user's search term, your Quality Score will improve. A unique landing page that is consistent with your advert will strengthen the overall relevance of the advert to the user's search. This allows you to tailor both your advert and landing page, specifically to increase your Quality Score.

For example, the user searches for "Leisure centre Exeter". Your advert's keywords include all three of these keywords, as does your landing page. The user finds the advert extremely relevant and this in turn bumps up your Quality Score.

Why is a high Quality Score so important? Ads with a higher Quality Score are positioned higher in search ad rankings and Cost Per Click (CPC) may even decrease as a result - an all-round win for your campaign.

3. First impressions count

Landing pages are an added extra, allowing you to house a one-off campaign as a new web page without changing any existing content. Creating a good first impression is extremely important in the world of online sales, with the average attention span reportedly now lasting just 8 seconds - so the ability to make your campaign the centre of attention can be vital to its success.

Lets explain: If your ad were to link straight to the existing homepage of your website, users would be forced to sift through content that bears no relevance to what the ad is offering. This is the online equivalent of showing your customers the door when they've just picked up a basket. By implementing a landing page which is consistent in design and content with the original ad and offers a clear, concise call to action, you are more likely to retain the user's interest and convert this engagement into a sale, or at the very least, capture their contact details to follow up.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the following landing pages we've designed for clients:


GL1 Leisure Centre

We designed this landing page for GL1 as part of their Kickstart PPC campaign. Traffic generated as a result of clicking paid ads would reach this web page where users could complete the contact form to book a tour.


LC Swansea

Similar to GL1's Kickstart landing page, LC Swansea created a PPC campaign offering a free fitness class in return for customer details. Both GL1 and LC Swansea also used social media to promote their respective campaigns which linked to the landing pages.


Active Erewash

This landing page for Active Erewash also included a data collection form. However, in this case the incentive was the free download of a PDF information pack. The offer was promoted solely via a PPC ad, without the involvement of social media.


Active Northumberland

Differing in function from the previous three, this landing page was designed to act as a navigation portal to include the new Libraries and Tourism links, leading to sites which Active Northumberland has recently taken over. It enabled the bringing together of 4 separate web pages, to signpost users quickly to content relevant to them.

Here at Bigwave media, our services include the full creation of bespoke digital campaigns. For more information, please get in touch.

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