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Twitter Introduces Custom Timelines

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Not long after its IPO, Twitter has announced a new 'Custom Timeline' feature to the social media site, allowing users to control how their Tweets are organised and delivered.

Currently only on TweetDeck, users can hand-pick tweets they want to include in their custom timeline. This could be anything from TV programme mentions, as The Voice US host Carson Daly recently completed, or a collection of the best songs which are currently trending, as Twitter Music illustrate. After all, you can customise as many timelines as you like, creating theme-specific groups. More interestingly, these public custom timelines can be viewed on Twitter, shared on your timeline and embedded on your website.

After a recent visit to the UK Active Summit, Big Wave Media are joining in the protest to tackle inactivity. So, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine the two and create a fitness inspiration timeline!

Below is our first custom timeline on Health & Fitness information and motivation, in an attempt to encourage Britain to get moving.

We believe this new Twitter feature holds plenty of creative potential, especially when introducing a new marketing campaign. If you would like more information on social media and the chance to integrate custom timelines into your online marketing promotion, please contact [email protected]

Please find detailed information on how to create a custom timeline here.

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