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eMail Campaigns Part 1

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I've recently been sharing some pearls of wisdom on email campaign design with the designers here at Big Wave Media and thought it would be good to share this online too. So keep an eye out over the coming weeks as there'll be a few tips on how to create email campaigns that are optimised to help improve your response rates.

So here's the first instalment - Subject Lines

The subject line is the key to getting people to open the email and not delete it as soon as it arrives in their mailbox. As a standard fifty characters is your limit of opportunity to get people to open your email. You need to catch the reader with a hook that'll make them open your email in just fifty characters.

Put simply, if you're subject line isn't good enough it could break your whole campaign.

Because the subject is such an important part of the campaign it's vital to get it right. To help you write the subject line for your next campaign, take a look at the rules below.

When writing your subject line:

  • List the key information first - Write it like a newspaper headline, the headline (subject line) should clearly tell the reader what to expect from the article (email).
  • Make your subject intriguing enough for your reader to open.
  • Focus on getting your readers to take action when writing a subject line e.g. "Latest New Year Offers - celebrate in style this year".
  • Don't re-use subject lines - There is no one-size fits all approach to subject lines and so each campaign is different, while one may succeed the next might fail. So don't re-use subject lines from previous campaigns as you're email needs to stand out.
  • Personalise subject lines with the recipient's products or preferences if possible.
  • Set a deadline date e.g. "Order by midnight".
  • Avoid "SPAMMY" words (e.g. "Free access", "Read Now", "Satisfaction", etc.).
  • You can use "Free" in the subject but not as the first word as this can get your email blocked by SPAM filter software.
  • Don't use misleading subjects just to get your email read as this will cause more harm than good, a recipient is unlikely to open your next email campaign if you do this.
  • Test your subject lines to check that they aren't getting caught in SPAM filters.
  • Review your subject lines over recent campaigns to find which one's work best.
  • Send more frequently than monthly or quarterly as this will increase conversion rates, so send follow up emails with related follow up subjects.

Hopefully this gives you a quick overview of marketing campaign subject lines and maybe you can use some of these tips in your next campaign. If you have any questions just get in touch otherwise keep an eye out for the next post. Good luck with your next campaign and happy mailing!

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